Our Collection of the Leading Voices in Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies (ALIS)

Hein Hundal – Artificial Intelligence: The Nuclear Winter is Over – [ALIS in Dataland, Ep. 01]

Hein Hundal of Random Order joins MOV37’s Chief Investment Officer Michael Weinberg to discuss the current “Machine Learning Revolution”, the history leading up to it, the challenges we are still facing regarding machine learning and AI, and its subsequent impacts on society.

Hein Hundal
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Show Notes:
1:21 – Hein Hundal Background

2:29 – “Machine Learning Revolution” and how did neural nets become the most commonly used machine learning method for pattern recognition?

6:09 – If we’re creating neural nets, why don’t we understand how they [neural nets with dropout techniques] really work? Shouldn’t we understand?

8:01 – Describe a generative adversarial network (GAN). How did we evolve from neural nets to GANs?

11:08 – Are there broader implications in society from GANs?

12:26 – How does a practitioner risk getting lost in the proverbial forest, or, having a neural net create a mirage? (Referring to overfitting).

13:44 – DeepMind’s Go computer, AlphaZero, is quite adept at playing chess, despite having been trained and built to learn Go. Does this imply that we are moving down the path of general intelligence?

17:00 – Is Machine Learning/are neural nets actually creative?

12:58 –What are your views on how disruptive AI will be to employment?