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Nate Sauder – Millennials, Mountains, and Machine Learning– [ALIS in Dataland, Ep. 04]

MOV37’s Founder and Chairman, Jeffrey Tarrant, takes time to speak with MOV37 Advisory Board Member, Nate Sauder, in Geneva, Switzerland. Nate’s background and involvement in machine learning development/deployment along with his unique perspective as a millennial within a scientist collective is discussed in tandem with the evolution and future of machine learning and artificial intelligence in general.

Nate Sauder

Website – http://www.mov37.com
Twitter – @mov37ai

Show Notes:
2:31 – Nate Sauder Background

4:43 – Tell us a little on what you were doing after [attending] Oxford; what was next?

6:01 – What broad conclusions do you have from that [work] experience?

8:06 – NS: …look back at Private equity being this sort of vehicle for bringing machine learning in to the real world.
JT: And the private equity component that you’re talking about, it takes a long term to develop these things and develop a market, right?

9:17 – When we first met I remember asking you […] where do you live? […] you said I live in a scientists’ house, can you tell us about that?

12:28 – I saw the TOPOS [scientists’ house] logo […] so do you want to talk about that?

13:06 – Beyond Enlitic, then you went off and did something very entrepreneurial, you talked about your partner. Let’s talk a little bit about that and then go on and talk about the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning and where you see things going.

16:08 – What’s next? [For NS and world of machine learning]

18:04 – Any final comments?