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Zubin Siganporia –Homomorphic Encryption, Quantum Computing: An Oxford Fellow’s View– [ALIS in Dataland, Ep. 02]

MOV37’s Chairman and Founder, Jeffrey Tarrant, interviews Zubin Siganporia, mathematician, founder of QED Analytics and Fellow at Oxford University, as well as a member of our MOV37 Advisory Board while visiting Oxford University. Zubin explains his work in the areas of cryptography, math, data, and blockchain and how and why the application of these areas are valuable to other industries.

Zubin Siganporia
Company website – http://www.qed-analytics.co.uk
University website – https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/people/zubin.siganporia

Website – http://www.mov37.com
Twitter – @mov37ai

Show Notes:
1:08 – Zubin Siganporia Background

2:04 – On the topics of data, data hacks, GDPR – how do we know, with the threatening environment out there, that we have security of data? In general, we’ve heard of homomorphic encryption and how it interrelates to these subjects, but what is homomorphic encryption and how can it be applied?

7:02 – Are there other forms of encryption that are anywhere near as sophisticated as homomorphic encryption, or is this the way the world is going, in respect to how you just described it, and what’s next?

8:37 – So far as blockchain is concerned, there is the threat quantum computing could have on making it less secure as in immutability of data. Can you talk about that in context of what we’ve been discussing or any form of cryptography that’s protecting the immutability of the blockchain?

13:10 – Methodology of digital signatures-has it arrived yet or does it need to be developed?

14:01 – What sort of applications are you seeing in other industries?

17:40 – You mentioned applications in sports and law, is there anything else? Health and life sciences?

22:05 – How do you get the domain knowledge to parachute in and find these solutions?

25:23 – Here at Oxford you’re the fellow instructing the students; how much of this is a dynamic back and forth of learning from your students as well?

29:53 – Is there anyone of a creative type that has influenced or inspired you in a particular area?